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Monday, June 19, 2006

TruthOut Keeps on Beating that Dead Horse

Man oh Man - these guys just can't let it go. TruthOut, Mark Ashe and Jason Leopold have such a severe case of RDS (Rove Derangement Syndrome) that they cannot accept reality. They are STILL standing by their "Rove Indicted" story. Here's some of what Ashe posted this afternoon over at TruthOut ("Where we leave the Truth Out!")

"After spending the past month retracing our steps and confirming facts, we've come full circle. Our sources continue to maintain that a grand jury has in fact returned an indictment. Our sources said that parts of the indictment were read to Karl Rove and his attorney on Friday, May 12, 2006. Last week, we pointed to a sealed federal indictment, case number "06 cr 128," which is still sealed and we are still pointing to it. During lengthy conversations with our sources over the past month, they reiterated that the substance of our report on May 13, 2006, was correct, and immediately following our report, Karl Rove's status in the CIA leak probe changed. In summary, as we press our investigation we find indicators that more of our key facts are correct, not less."

"Yes, it does appear that Truthout was used, but not lied to or misled. The facts appear to have been accurate. We reported them, and in so doing, apparently became an instrument. From all indications, our reports, first on May 13 that Rove had been indicted, and then on June 12 when we published case number "06 cr 128," forced Rove and Luskin back to the table with Fitzgerald, not once but twice. They apparently sought to avoid public disclosure and were prepared to do what they had to do to avoid it."

"Our sources provided us with additional detail, saying that Fitzgerald is apparently examining closely Dick Cheney's role in the Valerie Plame matter, and apparently sought information and evidence from Karl Rove that would provide documentation of Cheney's involvement. Rove apparently was reluctant to cooperate and Fitzgerald, it appears, was pressuring him to do so, our sources told us."

So Rove WAS indicted, it was sealed, but TruthOut's intrepid reporting scared Luskin and Rove and propelled them to negotiate a deal to throw Cheney under the bus. Ooops Sorry. I just fell off my chair laughing. Hang on - let me get settled down here....

And Ashe gave us a heads up for tomorrow's reporting...
"We are well aware of the Lauria article and the series of attacks The Washington Post has launched against Jason Leopold and Truthout. As always, we will carefully consider all information and then publish a thoughtful response. In this case, we will publish our response on Wednesday, June 21, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time."

Uh-Oh... Looks like Lauria is next on the Rove Indicted Hit List. Notice that TruthOut is now using "real time" and not business hours or Klingon time...

If this was not so disturbingly sad, it would be funny. Someone call Nurse Ratchett and bring the special jackets with you!

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