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Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank Goodness Someone Is Reading the Info

Looks like all the reporting and research from the right side of the blogosphere has reached the lawyers defending our Marines in the Haditha incident. According to Reuters...

"Attorneys for the U.S. Marines accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha will question the authenticity of a videotape at the heart of the case and the credibility of the group that provided it, sources close to the Marines say."

In addition to citing the corrections that TIME had to issue regarding the Human Rights Group, Hammurabi, the lawyers had this to say...
"And it turns out these two employees have family members spending time in local prisons for insurgent activity," the attorney said. "I think the origins of the tape would have been better suited if it came from somebody who really did have altruistic motives in their heart."

How did one of the two members of Hammurabi respond to the lawyers' claims?
"Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, director of Hammurabi Human Rights and Democracy Monitoring, declined to answer questions from Reuters about the organization.
"We don't answer such questions that we consider as intelligence and information gathering," he said. "They (Reuters) should have monitored the media so that they can get a good image of us."

Of course they won't answer the questions. They can't - they have been exposed and can't just let the mainstream enemedia carry the water for their bogus stories now. Their stories haven't added up so far. Why should they make sense now?

Couple this with the lawyer's comments yesterday about a certain witness they expect to call to testify if this proceeds to trial and you have a story that is turning into another "toilet flushed Koran" debacle.

Congrats to Sweetness & Light for breaking this whole pile of manufactured news wide open!

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