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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Freedom Fighters Debunk Their Own Claims

The steaming piles of fetid animal vomit (aka Iraqi terrorists or as Mama Moonbat calls them -"freedom fighters") claim that the brutal torture and murder of Pfc. Tucker and Pfc. Menchaca were in retaliation for the alleged incident at Mahmoudiya. At least that is what they said when they released their latest disgusting video of their heinous acts. BUT the stupid murdering bastards issued a statement to al-Basrah's Iraqi Resistance Reports that completely refutes their own claim. Here is the full text of their statement from June 19, 2006...

Message said to come from Iraqi Resistance concerning two captured US troops published on internet.

The Iraqi patriotic website published a message on Monday that it said it had received from what it believed to be reliable sources regarding two Americans captured by the Iraqi Resistance in al-Yusufiyah, about 30km southeast of Baghdad, on Friday.

The Arabic message as printed on stated:

“First, the capture of the two soldiers was according to a solid pre-arranged plan and was not an accident.

“Second, they were captured by a large [Resistance] group that is extensively active in Iraq and whose name is not being mentioned at this time. But those who follow the activities of the Mujahideen in the al-Yusufiyah area will know that there are three large groups operating in that region and it is one of them.

“Third, secret negotiations are now underway. The Mujahideen have set a high ceiling in their demands at the beginning of the discussions, among the most important of their demands being:

The release of all female Iraqi prisoners in the prisons of the Crusaders, the [puppet Iraqi Ministry of the] Interior, and the [puppet Iraqi Ministry of [Defense].

The release of all religious scholars, shaykhs, and Imams of mosques in the prisons of the occupation and its supporters.

The hand over of the body of Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi to his relatives with pressure being put on Jordan to accept that, and the proposal of alternative cities if Jordan refuses, among them Tarabulus in Lebanon.

The ceiling of demands might be raised to obtain the release of other persons.

“Fourth, if the Americans refuse to respond to the demands then the two soldiers will be displayed on the media, the demands will be declared, and a deadline will be given. Then they will be executed after America declares falsely that it does not negotiate with ‘terrorists’.

“Fifth, if agreement is reached and the demands are carried out they will be carried out in an apparently unilateral way in which it appears that no pressure is being applied to the United States, then America will declare that they have found the two soldiers, that they were hiding or escaped from their abductors.

“Sixth, the American high command in Iraq is directly aware of the details of the negotiations.

“Seventh, The American command wants guarantees that the soldiers will not be used in the media or killed after the demands have been carried out, while the Mujahideen want guarantees that the [Iraqi] prisoners who are released will not be rearrested, for this will cause the negotiations to fail.

“Eighth, the ball is now in the court of the American military command. It may accept or reject, or perhaps begin implementing the demands within a certain number of hours or days or the Mujahideen will begin carrying out the media side of their plan if agreement fails to be reached.

“Note: it has been confirmed that the publication of this information on a website will not negatively influence the negotiations and the Mujahideen brothers. It is only being published so that the Believers might rejoice and reassure their hearts at the victory God has given them.

“Your brother: Abu Hashim al-Khalidi.”

See anything in the press release about Revenge or Retaliation or even the deaths in Mahmoudiyah? Of course not - because it had nothing to do with it. Since when do these inhuman sacks of skin need an excuse to commit an atrocity?

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