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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grown Up to Be Socialists

I've never been a big Willie Nelson fan - the braided pigtails gave me the willys. Now old Willie has turned out to be quite the socialist. First he went on the campaign trail for Dennis Kucinich. Then he wrote a Bush bashing song to sing on the trail. Now he's opened his home to none other than Cindy "lookatme" Sheehan while she recuperates from her faux fast and gynecological procedure. From the Waco Trib...

Whether peace activist Cindy Sheehan will stay for the entire month depends on her health, fellow protester Tiffany Burns said this afternoon. [note to reporter - Tiffany is not just a fellow protester - She's Mama Moonbat's spokesperson]

Sheehan was hospitalized in Seattle Thursday night and again at Providence Health Center in Waco on Friday and Saturday. She was released Sunday and has divided her recuperation between Willie Nelson’s home in Austin and a hotel in McGregor so she can use the hotel’s wireless internet and stay close to peace camp associates, Burns said.

The so-called [ouch - was that a slap at the icon of the left?] "peace mom" is also visiting the camp site of war protesters daily and is contemplating a permanent move onto her land, less than a mile from the sole stoplight in Crawford and several miles from the Bush ranch.

"I think she’s seriously considering it," Burns said, adding that Sheehan, who is now registered to vote in Crawford, wants to bring her car to Crawford. "She loves Crawford, and she loves her land."
[the land that she lied to buy, you mean]

Maybe instead of "Pancho and Lefty", Willie and Cindy could do a duet to "Willie and Lefty". I bet Waylon Jennings is just spinning in his grave...

Is it just me or does Sheehan look like she's singing "I'm a Little Teapot" in the picture above? Note the obvious hospital ID band - most people cut those off when they leave the hospital. But not the spotlight seeking Sheehan...

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