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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Video Footage PROVES Staging Photos at Qana

Thanks to some intrepid digging from commenters Lancelot and Harris at EU Referendum, another video of the events at Qana has been found. This is one that I have never seen before and really shows what was going on that day. It is truly a must see for anyone that believes that the photos at Qana were staged. It completely debunks the "our photographers do not set up photos" and "the rescuers were not holding up the children for photos" claims.

Believe it or not, it is a link from Wikipedia of all places. Here's the link. If you can't the video to load through the direct link, go to Wikipedia and scroll down to External Links (Resources) and click on the first video listed. The video is approx 13 minutes long and does have a good bit of anchorperson commentary in Arabic. Also be advised that some of the images are graphic...

Pay close attention to this footage...

At 0:53 there is new footage of Mr. Green Helmet serving as director of the scene. He's standing over some victims and gesturing to someone off camera. At one point, he looks like he is doing the "pee-pee" dance. One thing is for sure - he is in NO HURRY in this footage.

At 8:29 we see Mr. Green Helmet taking off for his run with the little girl in the multicolored pants. (See my previous post here). What makes this interesting is Mr. Green Helmet is standing still with the child, then turns and starts off at a quick pace. As Mr. GH turns, a cameraman crosses behind him. It is obvious that Mr. GH was posing with the child for the cameraman prior to his "run".

The footage continues with Mr. White TShirt standing at the "staging area" looking like he is lost. He then turns and takes the little girl in pink pj's from another man and starts off on his "famous" rescue run.

At approx 8:56 there is a longer version of White TShirt holding the little girl in the multicolored pants by her upper arms with her little body just dangling. Then Mr. Green Helmet comes up and takes the little girl from him (obviously the footage is not in real time sequence).

There is also an interview with Mr. Green Helmet (not the same one we've seen before). This time he is out of breath and sweating like he has just ran two miles.

This proves that the photos were setup photo ops to specifically fan the flames of Israeli hatred. The children were used as props and their bodies treated with a total lack of respect. The crush of photographers surrounding the "rescue workers" shows their complicity with the set up photos. The AP and its comrades enabled the terrorist propaganda and they did it willingly. What a sad commentary on the state of the media...

UPDATE: Kathy Gannon and the AP continue to serve as apologists for Mr. Green Helmet. Now he admits that he held up the bodies but only to show the world who Israel was killing. Of note - Gannon blows off the German video showing him setting up photo ops.

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