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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Smoking Gun From Qana (CAUTION GRAPHIC PICS)


I am jumping ahead of myself in the Qana analysis report but this is REALLY big and I believe it is the smoking gun for the staged photos. Bear with me while I explain this information...

Soon after the Qana incident, I posted about the cleaned up faces and migrating blood spots on the little girl in the print pajama pants that was essentially Mr. Green Helmet's photo prop. This whole incident at Qana has just bugged me to no end. I have read, read and read reports, stories, articles etc. I have watched endless videos from the scene and looked at so many pictures that I feel like I was there. I was bound and determine to sort through everything to tie up the loose ends - I guess it's the researcher and nurse in me. Finally today, I found a picture over at the incredible EU Referendum that made me say "THAT'S IT!"


The child in the bottom of the picture is the same little girl that Mr. Green Helmet used for his photo ops that tragic day. Note the blood on her upper lip and across her left cheek. Also her little eyes are not fully closed.

According to all of my research, the name of this little child is Zeinab Shalhoub. The mother showed a reporter the stack of magazines and newspapers with Zeinab's picture. She described the pictures in this way... "Photo after photo showed Zeinab held aloft, lifeless, by a strong, helmeted relief worker who shouted his shock and terrible awe."

Since the photos of Mr. Green Helmet carrying the little girl around were one of the more frequently used pics, this makes sense. The other little girl that had as much exposure is the little girl in the top of the photo - she was White TShirt Guy's (Ghazi Aydibi aka Ghazi Addibi aks Ghazi Udaybi) photo prop. Not once was White TShirt guy ever in a helmet or rescue clothing. The other little girl pictured frequently with rescuers does not fit the background info - Zeinab was 6 years old.

According to "eyewitnesses" and rescuers on site, Zeinab was one of the first pulled from the building. The "neighbor" rescuers described her as having a bloody face and her eyes were open and called her by name.

Here's where the "rescue/recovery" run starts to fall apart ....

This picture is from (type QANA into search and scroll down for the picture). At first glance I thought that the men were placing little Zeinab INTO the plastic body bag. But on closer inspection...

This is a cropped version of the exact same picture. Zeinab still has the large blood spot across her left cheek (which is hard to see in these posted pics but it is quite obvious on the Corbis page.) Notice how the man in the scrubs is holding her - kind of an awkward hand position for placing someone into the body bag. The man in military fatigues has his hands on the end of the bag. But the most telling piece is the NAME TAPE IS ALREADY ON THE BAG.

Every other picture and description I have come across describes the process as placing the victim into the bag, taping both ends and THEN putting the tape on the bag and writing the person's name on the tape. Of course, this could be just a fluke and mean absolutely nothing. We could call my smoking gun ambiguous at this point EXCEPT for the bloody face...

Here are various pictures of little Zeinab during her photo shoot with Mr. Green Helmet. These pics came from EU Referendum and Getty Images. I also used the very same pictures in my previous post...

Hard to see with the shadows but there is no gross blood visible on Zeinab's face. There is a stain where the blood was in the previous pics.

No blood on the left side of her face here...

This is a cropped shot of Zeinab being placed on the stretcher at the end of Green Helmet's "run". No gross blood but some discoloration in the same location - like a stain on the skin.

Now unless dead people bleed, there is only one possible explanation for Zeinab having no blood on her face during the photo shoot but a large amount of blood in the ambulance and in the morgue truck. She was removed from the morgue truck, face clean up was attempted and then the parade with Mr. Green Helmet started. I cannot come to any other possible conclusion.

The tragedy was real. The photos were setup and staged. The dead children were treated like photo props to further Hezbollah's agenda against Israel. Judging from the world response and the UN's actions, they bought it hook, line and sinker.

UPDATE 08/29/06 1630 EST:

More evidence of photo staging using little Zeinab. Here's the "infamous" pic of her through the ambulance window.

Now look at this screen grab from a CNN video about the Qana incident.

There's little Zeinab up near with window but she is turned in the opposite direction.

How many other instances of photo staging and using dead children as terrorist propaganda props are there that we just haven't discovered?


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