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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Alert Another Evil Rove Plot to Take Lamont Out of the Limelight (Snort)

As I watched the press conferences from Great Britain and Chertoff this AM, I wondered how long it would be before the whackadoodles started crying "conspiracy". It took all of 30 seconds. For your reading enjoyment, here's a few of the comments from the DUmp about the latest terrorist threat ...

"a thought here....all the carry ons..add weight to a flight ..more weight.. more fuel with BP oil shut down..could Blair being holding back fuel for the british airlines..and US preperation for a air strike on Iran?i believe Blair shut down the oil fields of BP to reserve case of a oil shortage in the event of air strikes on Iran!think about it..its a self imposed reserve of oil..."
"Tony Blair's ass is on fire for being America's dogtail - as they like to call it in the UK. Stories like this are sponsored by his government and are planned way ahead and are designed for times like this to distract people from what's really going on and to try and cover his ass."
"its needed to keep the Lamont win out of the headlines otherwise, all we would hear about today is how Lamont swept the floor with Lieberman's butt."
"It seems like this has been planned to coincide with the new terror alert system that came into effect on 1st August."
"Rove did tell Lieberman GW wanted to help anyway he could."
"This Terror Alert is totally necessary... coz freaking Leibermann lost his senatorial bid..... and The Left Wing candidate got a toe in the door."
"Yeah, the timing was soooooo predictable. Right out of their playbook."
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen - this is the "NEW" Democratic Party. They want to run the country but can't get their head out of the Rovian Conspiracy sandtrap. Yeah - I'd feel safer with them running the country - NOT...

BTW Wesley Clark was on Fox and Friends this AM talking about how we must take threats like this seriously. This coming from the man that wants Lieberman to quit his Senate bid so Ned "peace-not war" Lamont won't get "Naderized". Psst Wesley.... you can't support someone like Lamont and then be taken seriously on National Security issues.

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