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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Democrat That Gets It

Thank goodness there are some Democrats, like Zell Miller, who understand the importance of fighting the war on terror here at home. Ed Koch, hardly a conservative, has a great article over at the World Tribune that makes some great points. The following clip goes right along with my thoughts on the "We Will Not Be Silent" jerks...

"There is something terribly wrong with people seeking to demean and weaken the president in war time, thereby strengthening our country’s enemies. As a result of the language and tactics of those opposed to our presence in Iraq, our enemies have been emboldened, believing the American public to be sharply divided on the war, and in fact at war with itself. To other countries, Americans appear pitted against one another not in an election, but in a verbal bloodbath, convincing the world we are impotent — a paper tiger."

I agree Mr. Koch - there IS something terribly wrong with aiding our enemies in a time of war. It used to be called TREASON. Now they just call it dissent.

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