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Friday, September 29, 2006

Be Squirrel-ly and Go Nuts!

Since this has been such a bad week for me, I decided to have a little fun tonight. I caught this story on Drudge earlier today and it just tickled my funny bone (yes it's been a long week and it's really not that funny but you know how you get when you are really tired).
Squirrels Go On Attack At South Bay Park

Then I found this link, thanks to Mike at Mike's America, and the sanity level just went over the cliff. If you ever wanted to know what your name would be if you were a squirrel, then this is the site for you. My squirrel name is Nibbles O'Squirrely -which is truly appropriate now. My hubby's squirrel name is Captain Crazy Whiskers. I'm gonna start calling him that and see what his reaction is. If I don't post any more blogs for a while, it will probably be cause he's locked me away in a padded room somewhere.

So just for fun, I started typing in famous people's names to see what their Squirrel names would be. It is amazing to see how close the names matched up to the real person. Here's the results...

George W. Bush - Lt. Nibbles His Nuts
Hillary Clinton - Queen Smallnuts
Bill Clinton - Duke CrazyPaws (this one is priceless!)
Howard Dean - Count Bushytail
Donald Rumsfeld - Lieutenant Out of Their Tree
and by far the best one yet.....
Michael Moore - President Fluffyfart

Go over and have some fun. Come back and let me know what your Squirrel Name is. We're gonna need a few laughs to get through the next couple of weeks.

And while you're at it, my good buddy Mike at Mike's America is having a bumper sticker contest. Not only is it fun but he has some great links to "sign generaters", "tombstone generaters" and much more. I'll be posting my entries later this weekend (if my sanity has returned)

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