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Monday, September 18, 2006

Debunking the Senate Intelligence Report

Sometimes I wonder how our Congress can get anything done. Instead of focusing on facts and the truth, they are more intent on hyper-partisianship and making the other party look bad. We've seen this for almost 6 years now. To Hell with what is good for the country - let's get President Bush.

The best example of this is the recent Senate Intelligence Report about the run-up to the Iraq War. Anyone that has read the actual reports from the Iraq Working Group, the translations of the declassified documents, etc knows that the SIR is beyond flawed. But don't expect the media to report anything other than the negative reflection on the Bush Administration.

JVeritas, the absolutely incredible volunteer translator of the Iraqi documents, has posted an article over at FreeRepublic that completely debunks the SIR. Here's just a small portion of his article...

"There are two very important documents which clearly indicate that Iraq was working on activating the Chemical weapons programs. Document CMPC-2003-013956.pdf dated in the year 2000 and document ISGQ-2003-00044424.pdf dated January 2002 contain memos that talk about finalized research and the plans to locally produce Chemical Materials that can be used as Precursors for Chemical Weapons and that are prohibited by the Iraq to produce locally according to the UN sanctions. Some of the Chemical Weapons Prohibited Precursors include DICYLOHEXYLDIACARBODIIMIDE which can be used as a Precursor to make VX NERVE GAS, SODIUM CYANIDE AND POTASSIUM CYANIDE can be used as a Precursor to make TABUN NERVE GAS. These materials were allowed to be imported under strict UN regulation because it can be used for other civilian industries and that Iraq should have declared exactly the imported quantities of these materials and where it is used and the balance in bi-yearly report to the UN.

However Iraq was absolutely prohibited from manufacturing it locally because it will not be controlled by the UN and thus it can be used to produce Chemical Weapons. It is clear from the documents above that Saddam regime was researching and planning to produce these Chemical weapons Precursors in clear violation of UN rules, and with no other intention but to produce Chemical weapons despite that the Iraqi listed some of these precursors under a supposed “pharmaceutical project”.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report did not address these very important documents to show that Iraq was actively working on rebuilding its WMD programs, and planning to produce the precursors to make Chemical Weapons. In fact it would have been more useful for the Iraqis to produce and store the precursors rather than the final chemical weapon products because storing the CW in its final form can deteriorate after a period of time where as the precursors can last for much longer time, ready to be assembled into final CW when needed."

Imagine that - a regular American knows more than all the blowhards in the Senate Intel Committee. Someone (jveritas) that has no "ulterior" motive other than finding out the truth contained in the mountains of un-translated documents.

Meanwhile the Senators continue to beat the "get Bush" drum - focusing solely on discrediting the President and his Administration to the detriment of our national security. THIS is why the war on terror is so difficult. Instead of focusing on the enemy and placing the blame on the villans, the Senators are content to dump it all into the lap of the Bush Administration. Meanwhile terrorists at Gitmo are getting three hearty meals a day and file lawsuits against the USA. Go figure.

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