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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Have You Forgotten? I Will Never Forget...UPDATED

There are so many incredible (and not so incredible) September 11 Tribute Videos available, I could not decide on just one. So rather than posting one clip, I'm posting the links to several. Each one is a different - different focus, different music - but still reminds us how our lives were changed on that beautiful sunny morning.

Tribute to Flight Crews Of September 11th 2001 (only one I've seen that focuses solely on the flight crews of the 4 airplanes)

The Blood of Heroes (bone chilling)


September 11, 2001

And this is one posted over at Mike's America that is by far the best I have seen...

God Bless our Soldiers. God Bless our President. God Bless America.

MD Conservative over at CI Report reminds us that September 11, 2001 involved so much more than just the WTC.
Suzie over at Assorted Babble reminds us of the cascade of effects the terrorist attacks had on everyone.

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