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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Terrorist Sob Story

The Washington Post has another sad tale of an "innocent" young Muslim man, Majid Khan, who had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or al Qaeda but the evil George W. Bush has imprisoned him in Gitmo. Even worse, this poor little fella was being held in one of those secret CIA prisons prior to being transferred to Gitmo. Oh the lack of humanity!

WHY would the US hold this poor young man whose only crime was being a Muslim that visited Pakistan? I just really have no idea. The WaPo doesn't understand either. I mean the following snips from the article hold no clue as to why our government would hold him as a terrorist ...

"A single-page "biography" released by the office of John D. Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, portrays Khan as a figure who had contact with terrorist operatives from Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere."

"U.S. officials also allege that Khan took orders from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the man accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

"A cousin and the uncle, both of whom were al-Qaeda operatives, introduced Khan to Mohammed, the document alleges"

"Mohammed allegedly asked Khan to research poisoning U.S. reservoirs and considered him for an operation to assassinate the Pakistani president."

"Mohammed, the document says, "selected Khan as an operative for a possible attack inside the United States . . . because of his excellent English and extensive knowledge of the United States."

"A central figure in Khan's case is another Pakistani national, Uzair Paracha, who was sentenced in New York earlier this year to 30 years in prison for providing material support to terrorists."

"Authorities allege that Khan and Mohammed planned to use the Paracha family's textile-importing business to smuggle explosives into the United States and blow up underground gasoline storage tanks in Maryland. Paracha was accused of attempting to help Khan reenter the United States from Pakistan illegally"

"The elder Paracha, who also had met with Osama bin Laden, is being held as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay."

Can you figure out why Majid Khan is classified as a high value terrorism suspect? Even the young man's father, who lives in the US, can't understand it...

"In brief interviews Thursday and Friday, his father said the charges are false. "He's a terrorist, my son? No!" Khan Ali said, speaking in the family's brick duplex in Windsor Mill. "I don't accept this."
"At one point, in seeming contradiction, he said of his son, "He has been brainwashed." He also acknowledged that a relative is affiliated with al-Qaeda. Authorities last week described that unidentified relative as an uncle, but Ali said the relationship is more distant."

What is wrong with our government? How could they persecute someone on such trivial evidence? All he did was meet with the 9/11 mastermind, have family members in Al Qaeda, plot to poison Americans and blow up gas stations. Well there is a little statement of Khan's were he admitted to recruiting for al Qaeda...

"Khan said that while he considered recruiting Paracha for al-Qaeda, he was probably unsuitable because he "had no extremist views and was not really a practicing Muslim," according to the summary."

But even that isn't THAT bad, is it? According to a representative for Khan's wife, who is still in Pakistan, it is the fault of one person and one person only. Guess who?

"We don't believe he has done anything. He is a victim of this so-called war on terrorism by George Bush."

This is inexcusable. What is wrong with our government? Have we just crossed the line somewhere and lost all sense of reason?

Yeah - we have. Our media publishs pablum like this and attempts to drum up sympathy for those that would just as soon as whack our heads off than look at us. The Democrats in Congress would rather poke out their own eyeballs than admit Pres. Bush was right.

This terrorist has no business being treated so good. He should be tried and fried. END. OF. STORY.

UPDATE: I did not realize that this is the same terrorist that President Bush spoke of in one of his speeches this week...

"Once in our custody, KSM was questioned by the CIA using these procedures, and he soon provided information that helped us stop another planned attack on the United States. During questioning, KSM told us about another al Qaeda operative he knew was in CIA custody — a terrorist named Majid Khan. KSM revealed that Khan had been told to deliver $50,000 to individuals working for a suspected terrorist leader named Hambali, the leader of al Qaeda’s Southeast Asian affiliate known as “J-I”. CIA officers confronted Khan with this information. Khan confirmed that the money had been delivered to an operative named Zubair, and provided both a physical description and contact number for this operative."

That makes this cry-me-a-river article from the Washington Post even more reprehensible.

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