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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hypocrisy Thy Names Are Rangel and Pelosi

The one thing that stood out in Hugo Chavez' UN speech yesterday was the striking similarity to Liberal talking points. We've already had Bin Laden, Zarqawi and assorted terrorists parroting the moonbats, so it stands to reason that Monkey Boy would do it too.

Read over the following quotes and compare them with Chavez madman rantings. See if you can find the similarities. And note also that two of the Libs that almost broke their necks to get in front of the camera to "denounce" Chavez remarks, Rangel & Pelosi, have made comments eerily similar to Chavez...

"Bush is an alcoholic" - Chavez 9/21/06

"There are now reports that G. Bush is downing shots of Jim Beam again." - The Alcoholic In The White House By Ted Lang

"To summarize, George W. Bush manifests all the classic patterns of what alcoholics in recovery call "the dry drunk." "Dry Drunk" Syndrome and George W. Bush by Katherine van Wormer

"He must have had a good reason why he didn't take that physical and lost his flyer's license," the Harlem Democrat mused. "We have the same problem with baseball - guys have to take a urine test, you know" -Charlie Rangel

"He doesn't know anything about politics, he got there because of Daddy." - Chavez 9/21/06

"This president is not interested in being a good president.
He's interested in some complicated psychological situation that he has with his father."
- Howard Dean

"The emperor has no clothes, when are people going to face the reality? Pull this curtain back." - Nancy Pelosi

"(Bush is) a sick man with a lot of hang ups." - Chavez 9/21/06

"PRESIDENT George Bush is suffering a dangerous mental illness, an American psychiatrist has claimed. In a new book, Professor Justin Frank says the US president exhibits classic signs of being a paranoid schizophrenic." - The Daily Record

"saying he hopes Americans choose an 'intelligent president' in the future." - Chavez 9/20/06

"I believe that the president's leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience in making the decisions that would have been necessary to truly accomplish the mission without the deaths to our troops and the cost to our taxpayers."- Nancy Pelosi

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called President Bush "dangerously incompetent" on Wednesday and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq.

"The President of the United States should go before an international tribunal" - Chavez 9/20/06

Read anything written by Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Ramsey Clark, etc.

"He (Chavez) compared the Bush administration's action to those of the Nazis" 9/20/06

"It's the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country. This is just as bad as six million Jews being killed. The whole world knew it and they were quiet about it, because it wasn't their ox that was being gored." Charlie Rangel

As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world. - Chavez 9/20/06

"And I think that Bush has alienated every friend that we've made over the last 200 years with his arrogance and indifference" Charlie Rangel 9/04

As he was exiting the U.N. building in New York, Chavez told reporters that Bush is not a legitimate president because he "stole the elections." 9/20/06

"I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a 'deserter.' What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar, and a functional illiterate. And he poops his pants" --Michael Moore

So why did Charlie and Nancy jump to the President's defense? It certainly isn't like they have ever defended President Bush. Maybe they realized how close Chavez' remarks were to their own statements? The anger over Chavez' remarks might spill over onto them if anyone put 2 and 2 together.

Maybe they figured Americans would just think "look at those two democratic senators taking up for the President" and completely disregard the similarities to the comments? Why do Libs forget that every statement they have ever made is wrapped up in a neat little package courtesy of the Internet? It comes back to bite them in the arse every time...

Whatever the reason, it is just another blinding example of the raging hypocrisy of the Libs. And another reason they will NOT take control of Congress in November.

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