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Friday, September 08, 2006

Path to 911 Web Address Redirects to DNC Petition - UPDATE


There is no point that is too low for the Democrats to stoop. Just found this out via Free Republic.

Type in your web browser address line and hit enter. This takes you straight to the DNC's website and the Path to 911 petition.

I am so angry that I could scream (but it would scare the patients here at work). I've contacted both my Senators and let them know. One secretary actually typed in the address while I was on the phone with her. She was beyond angry and said that she would tell the Senator ASAP.

This is a disgrace and just another example of the lengths the DNC will go to block the truth. Spread the word to your Senators, talk radio and anyone else you know. There is no excuse for crap like this!

UPDATE 1: Little Green Footballs picked up my tip and have a post up about it. Somebody complained that "hijack" is not the appropriate term - oh well. I didn't go to computer school so I just call it how I see it. Whatever the appropriate terminology - it's still a lowdown sorry ass trick for a political party that promotes "speaking truth to power".

Did a Who-Is check on the domain. It was just registered on Sept 4 of course via Proxy.

UPDATE 2: 186K Per Second has posted that the web address links to Ned Lamont's website. Coincidence? No way. The picture above is also from 186K Per Second.

UPDATE 3: AllahPundit over at HotAir chimes in and marvels at the level of maturity on the Left. Also some ABC is pulling the web-based ads for Path to 911. This is a preview of how the next two years will be if the Left takes Congress.

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