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Friday, September 01, 2006

Turning Joe Wilson's Words Back on Him

The more I think about the Plame Game, the madder I get. To think that these bottom feeders have turned our country inside out across the globe for a lie makes my blood boil. The Moonbats are so quick to claim Bush lied but have no evidence of such - but has any one of them asked for an explanation of Joe Wilson's lies? No - they're still drinking the koolaid and walking around like zombies muttering "must get Bush! must get Rove! must get Cheney".

To remind everyone what a lowlife scum sucking snake in the grass Joe Wilson is, here are a few of his "holier than thou" quotes while running around praying for a Frog March. Remember these are quotes HE made while claiming that his poor widdle wifey had been outed by that big bad man Karl Rove. If it wasn't so damn sad about the damage this fart blossom has done, it would be funny. As it is the irony is overwhelming... (quotes courtesy of BrainyQuote)...

"Everybody understands that when you do something like this, your credibility has to be tested." [no sh*# Sherlock - now who's got a credibility problem?]

"Giving the same value to fiction as to fact in the interest of so-called fairness is to mislead the American people and the press has become party to that." [darn-tootin' - the American people were misled by you and your jackals and received props from the media]

"I have no reason not to ensure that the truth is told and I am tired of the way in which the Republicans have smeared my family and myself for no reason other than to perpetuate their lies to the American people". [yeah? well I am sick and tired of you and your kind smearing my President and his Administration while lying through your veneer covered teeth just to get some face time, Vanity Fair covers and sell some books]

"I think it's time for the people and the press, in particular, to be more vigilant about not giving equal weight to lies as they give the truth." [well at least the Washington Post has made a effort. I bet you can't give away your speaking engagements now, jerk]

"My complaint is not so much about the smear campaign as it is about the laziness of so-called objective journalists who failed to even do basic research." [I have the same complaint -if only the journalists had done their job and not bowed to their Liberal masters, you would have been frog marched a long time ago. Clock's ticking though - your 15 minutes are almost up]

"People have a tendency to regurgitate whatever they've last heard and to give equal credence to untruths as they do to truths." [Tell me about it - those idiots at the DUmp and KOS asylum hung on your every word. Hell they believed Pitt's 24 business hour ploy]

"The act of leaking my wife's name to the press was a political act." [another thing we agree on Joe boy - it was pure politics on your part to try to get Kerry into the Oval Office. after that failed it was nothing but denigrating our President and his administration to turn the tides to the Left's favor]

"...if we allow ourselves to be intimidated and silenced by the liars, our democracy will not survive. We have to continue to confront them"

And that my dear friends is what we must continue to do to Joe the Liar and all his little comrades. Expose them to the light and watch them skulk away in disgrace. Damn Karma is a Bitch!

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