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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*&%*$(#@* United Nations!

Have you ever been so angry that you can't talk? The anger is so hot that if you even open your mouth just a little bit a torrent of words that would make a longshoreman blush would just start spewing from between your lips? That's how I feel right now.

How dare the useless and corrupt United Nations play host to a man who has threatened each and every American. The UN that "occupies" land in New York City, sucking billions out of our country so they can sit in their upholstered chairs and bitch about the USA. The World Body that has as much power as I do sitting here in my home in GA. Who is so disgustingly morally bankrupt that it tolerates murder, rape, genocide, etc but can't stomach Israel. The UN who points fingers at Israel and the USA while tolerating (and profiting) off the likes of Saddam Hussein.

It is an insult to every single American to let this midget bully's feet touch our soil. And to add more insult, to let him have an open platform where he can verbally beat up our country and our President. A madman berates our country while his paid terrorists kill our soldiers and innocent civilians. A man so full of evil that my stomach churns just looking at him. Who poses for photos and sits for major media interviews while the rest of us wonder if he has a dirty bomb tucked inside his members' only jacket.

Brian Williams deserves to be banished to Iran where he can talk to Allmyjihad every single day. What a disgrace! The only thing Brian Williams didn't do was physically kiss the lunatics ass during the interview. "So tell me Mr Wonderful Iranian President - if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?" That's the type of questions this "hardnosed journalist" (and I use the term journalist extremely loosely) asked the leader of the Axis of Evil. Yep, good old Brian - sit right there and let this fool blame our President and our country. If you can stomach it, here's the link to the interview transcript.

I must give mega props to Amb. Bolton and the US delegation for refusing to sit in the same room with this goat. Thank goodness Colin Powell is no longer the Secretary of State or he would have been sitting on the front row taking notes. Where were all the "disrupters"? No CodePinkos jumping out from behind banners flashing their "pink slips". Oh that's right - they only do that to OUR President.

This is a day that I will not soon forget. The day the UN officially spit in the face of every single American and a Madman had our media eating out of his hand. That horrendous crashing noise you heard was our founding fathers and the heroes we've lost while defending this country, turning over in their graves.

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