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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gay Avenger's Blackmail Subject Identified (UPDATED)

Well Mike Rogers, aka the Gay Avenger, has "outted" another GOP Congressman. From what I've read around the Internet, this revelation hardly came as a surprise. Regardless it is the lowest form of gay-bashing and does not do anything but hurt the "gay agenda". Like I said before I could care less what you do in your bedroom but don't demand "special" treatment because you are gay. And don't expect the world to redefine the word marriage just for your sexual orientation.

Interesting to note about Rogers' little outfest today. With his usual hyperbolic statements, Rogers let comments slip that identify this Senator as the one he was trying to blackmail to vote against Judge Alito's confirmation. Obviously Rogers knew about this Senator's sexual exploits back in January 2006 but less than 3 weeks before the election, he issues this "breaking news". Here's hoping the Feds decide to persue this. Also Rogers is shilling for donations via PayPal to help his cause. Let PayPal know how you feel about them handling funds to support blackmail against a US Congressman.

Another tidbit - Rogers mentions how much it costs to pay someone to put together a website at a moment's notice. I wonder if he is talking about paying someone to set up a blog to "Stop Sexual Predators"?

I'm not posting the links because I don't want to give Rogers any more hits which inflates his overly large ego. If you've followed Foleygate you know his website.

The Drama Queens over at Rogers' blog are just beside themselves with glee. According to the commenters on that site, gays have been denied "basic human rights" by Republicans. A Republican calling someone a "lesbian" is hate speech. It's not okay to disagree with the gay agenda if you are gay. So outting someone because he's gay and a Republican is okay. Next thing you know the Left will be electing people that have sex with underage pages, play hide the cigar with an intern or drive off a bridge and leave a woman to die...
I've got some Xanax if you guys need it.... Geez

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