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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wild Bill & Ms Underestimated - Thank You

Two bloggers have been thrown under the bus by some of the "big names" in the blogosphere. Why? Because they DARED to research and publish FACTUAL information about one of the recipients of the Foley IM's.

Could it be jealousy? After all Wild Bill got maximum exposure from Drudge and other Internet media. It certainly can't be because Wild Bill and MsUnderestimated put up Jordan Edmond's pic and background info. These Big Namers have done MUCH worse than that. Maybe it was because Wild Bill and MsUnderestimated don't belong to the blogging "cliques" that have grown so popular over the years. Whatever the reason, it stinks and is no different than the tactics of the Left.

Instead of jumping on bloggers on the Right, the big names should be fighting back against the media and those that seek to make FoleyGate a GOP election issue. How about fighting back against the likes of Mike Rogers and John Aravosis who have gone off on a GOP Gay Fatwa.

During the Qana Incident back in July/August, I sought out assistance from some of the very same "big time bloggers" after I stumbled across a picture of a "rescuer" removing a child from a body bag so Mr. Green Helmet could parade the dead child around like a trophy for the media. What was the response? Nothing - nada - zilch. The complete lack of interest almost made me quit blogging but I decided that my desire to expose the truth was much more important to me. But it did open my eyes.

So Wild Bill at Passionate America and MsUnderestimated - I want to offer my thanks and my full support. As a former Okie, I am proud of your work and encourage you to keep fighting back. To those beating up on Wild Bill and MsUnderestimated I say "Phooey". And I suggest you load up on Advil or Aleve to help with further joint pain from all your knee-jerking.

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