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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breeders of the World Unite

The Gay Avenger's latest outing sure amounted to a big fat nothing. For days Mike Rogers beat the drums, pumped out the press releases and even shilled on O'Reilly about his plan to "out" closeted GOP staffers/politicians. Then he comes up with 2 obscure names - hardly big fish on the political food chain. He even published copies of the disbursement statements showing how much the two GOP staffers get paid. So what? Gay GOP'ers can't make good salaries?

Rogers even sent a letter to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. I am sure that the staff members on the committee are still laughing at the juvenile and moronic letter.

"Because it is of the utmost importance for your committee to review the actions of anti-gay men who themselves are closeted in the government, I am bringing forward the names of two staff member(s) of Congress to you today."

UTMOST IMPORTANCE? What a freakin' joke. Investigate the gay men who don't wear their sexual orientation as a badge of honor? If you don't flaunt your "gayness" in everyone's face, you should be investigated? Come on - this is so much worse than any claims of "homophobia". This is showing an absolute and utter contempt for homosexuals that don't toe the Mike Rogers Gay Agenda line. THIS is gay bashing - no matter how you try to claim the high moral ground.

Oh yeah - Rogers also explained to the committee that "perhaps" these two staffers were involved in Foleygate. Should they just round up every Republican male who is "too feminine" and every Republican female who is "too masculine"? If you don't have proof of your heterosexual orientation then you should be investigated? Good grief.

And in case you have any doubts about how Mike Rogers and his Gay Avengers feel about us non-gays, one commenter at Rogers' blog made it quite clear. We are nothing more than "breeders". Plus the fact that we are "breeders" means we can't have a valid opinion on Rogers' reprehensible tactics.

Here's hoping that the "breeders" on the right remember this come election day.

I bow to the ones who have done the incredible work on the Foleygate Follies. You can read their work here...
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