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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What's Their ACLU Score?

My good friend Nedd, over at the Stop the ACLU website, has posted a great article that needs to be spread all over the US. The article is called "An Educated Voter is the ACLU's Worst Nightmare".

Nedd also has a link to the ACLU scorecard for all members of Congress. You can get there from here. You can search for your Congressional Representatives or just browse the list.

Here's the ACLU score for the Dems that will be in charge should Republicans and Conservatives decide to fight back by not voting... A high score is BAD if you are not an ACLU supporter.

Richard Durbin - 92%
Barbara Boxer - 83%
Joe Biden - 92%
John Kerry - 83%
Hillary Clinton - 83%
Patrick Leahy - 100%
Russ Feingold - 100%
Nancy Pelosi - 100%
Jane Harmon - 85%
Alcee Hastings - 95%
John Conyers - 100%
Charles Rangel - 100%

From the above list here's who voted with the ACLU in every issue regarding national security...
Biden, Durbin, Leahy, Feingold, Pelosi, Hastings, Conyers, Rangel

And as far as those on the "Protect the Children" Soapbox, here's who voted with the ACLU for Reproductive Rights for Minors...
Boxer, Biden, Durbin, Kerry, Clinton, Leahy, Feingold, Harmon, Pelosi, Conyers, Rangel

Go over to the ACLU scorecard and see what the ACLU thinks of your representative. Spread the word. Do YOU want the ACLU syncophants leading the Congress? I don't

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