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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey Cindy - Kiss My Grits!

No more politically correct speech here. This woman is nothing more than an attention seeking anti-American mental case. To all those that voted Democrat yesterday, you offered this woman vindication for her "hate America first" tirades. BTW - she started out as nothing more than a paid shill for the Kerry campaign. So much for her noble cause...

And then we have Darrill Holly from the AP writing another bullshit Sheehan story. I emailed the following to Mr. Holly to set the record straight...

The Berkeley, Calif., woman, whose son was killed in Iraq more than two years ago.

Cindy Sheehan is not from Berkeley. She started out in Vacaville but now lives in a tree house in Crawford TX where she claims she buried her uterus after her hysterectomy.

deliver anti-war petitions she said were signed by 80,000 Americans.

WOW – 80,000 Americans signed her petition. What is that – about 1/1000th of the US population?

The petitions opposed use of military force to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Not exactly anti-war petitions, huh? Simply “We Support Iran Over America” petitions.

Sheehan, 49, and other grieving families met with Bush about two months after her son died, before reports of faulty prewar intelligence surfaced and caused her to speak out. She has tried repeatedly to speak with the president again, including a 26-day vigil last year outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

And when she met with President Bush, she said he was kind and felt that he truly cared. At least that was how she recalled her meeting with the President before she became a paid shill for the Kerry campaign. It’s right there in the Vacaville paper if you want to read the truth instead of copying from press releases. And that “vigil” at Crawford – Cindy spent her time in an air conditioned trailer with people answering her email, coordinating her media appearances and giving her massages. In between she ate catered gourmet meals. Not exactly “roughing it”.

Wednesday's protest came as Republicans lost control of the House and the White House announced the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "He's being offered as a sacrificial lamb," Sheehan said.

Actually, Cindy said “no shit” and “Rumbo’s gone”. It’s right here in a video taken today before her staged arrest in front of the White House.

The DNC may control Congress and the AP but they cannot silence those of us that know the truth. Maybe now you guys can start reporting the truth since your mission was accomplished.

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