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Monday, November 27, 2006

More Unauthorized Sources for AP Reporter

Doing a little digging spurred on by Curt at Flopping Aces and his most excellent research into the Sunnis Burned Alive story by AP reporter Qais al-Bashir. CentCom sent Curt a list of "sources" that have yet to be verified as reliable or even authorized to issue reports/statements to the media in Iraq. Not counting Jamil Hussein, Mr. al-Bashir has used 6 of the 15 sources for various reports for the AP. Here's a rundown:

2 bombs strike Baghdad pet market, killing 5, wounding 57 - June 2, 2006
About 10 minutes later, an explosion near a Shiite mosque in the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Jadida killed two civilians and injured five, Lt. Ali Abbas said.

Car bombs strike Shiite area of Baghdad, killing 8 and wounding 41 - July 10, 2006
In Kirkuk, the suicide truck bomber detonated his explosives as he tried to plow through a concrete wall surrounding the complex of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Four people were killed and seven were wounded, police Brig. Sarhat Qadir said.

Bomb narrowly misses interior minister; suicide attack targets - August 23, 2006
The suicide bomber in the northern city of Mosul, 225 miles northwest of Baghdad, detonated his explosives at a checkpoint when he tried to enter the police building, said Maj. Gen. Wathiq al- Hamdani, the police chief.

U.S. military says arrest of al-Qaida in Iraq No. 2 came in June - Sept. 6, 2006
The blasts -- from a parked car bomb and a roadside bomb -- had targeted a passing Iraqi army patrol at a busy intersection during the morning rush hour as people headed to work, police 1st Lt. Mohammed Khayun said.

In northeastern Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a procession of pilgrims heading to the Shiite holy city of Karbala, 50 miles south of Baghdad, killing one person and wounding two, police 1st Lt. Ali Abbas said.

U.S. military says it is 'highly unlikely' al-Qaida in Iraq leader - October 5, 2006
In violence Thursday, a car bomb exploded in the mainly Shiite neighborhood of Hurriyah in Baghdad, killing two people and wounding two more, police 1st Lt. Thaer Mahmoud said.
Another bomb struck a group of laborers waiting for work at a downtown square in the capital, killing two and wounding 26, Mahmoud said.

Mortar Rounds Lead to Iraq Facility Fire - Nov. 27, 2006 (today). Article written by Thomas Wagner with Qais al-Bashir listed as a contributor.
No injuries were reported in the 7:30 a.m. blast near Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, said police 1st Lt. Haider Satar.

Attack on Baghdad Shiite slum kills 161 - Nov 23, 2006. Article written by Steven Hurst with Qais al-Bashir listed as contributor.
During the 4:30 a.m. raid coalition forces searched houses and opened fire on a minivan carrying Iraqi workers in al-Fallah Street, killing four and wounding eight, said police Capt. Mohammed Ismail. He said coalition forces also detained five Iraqis.

10 Workers Kidnapped from Baghdad Bakery - June 18, 2006
In Baghdad, gunmen arrived in two cars, broke into the bakery and abducted the 10 workers in the northern suburb of Kazimiyah, police Lt. Mohammed Khayoun said. It was the same neighborhood where a mortar shell struck a well-known market Saturday, killing four people and wounding 13.

Keep in mind this was just a cursory Google search. (Per The Jawa Report - Google the preferred search engine for terrorists) Each and every story that included one of the sources from the CentCom list is immediately suspect and should be vetted by CentCom for its veracity. Unfortunately the damage has already been done. BUT that does not mean this should be dismissed. It needs to be dealt with - swiftly and publicly. I'll keep digging but check over at Flopping Aces for more updates...

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