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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Ties to the Pentagon Are Published on Al-Basrah

DAMN - there goes my cover. Where is Richard Armitage and who did he tell? Sarah Meyer who wrote the Haditha-My Lai conspiracy claims has busted me out. Not only did she publish the results of her "research" on her blog, but now the terrorists at al-Basrah are exposing my once hidden connection to the Pentagon... What's a girl to do? I could go into the witness relocation program but I'd miss my family. I could change my name but after 45 years, I'm kinda partial to it. Why don't I take the Valerie Plame route and throw myself on the mercy of the media? You know - angst galore, photos of me in my pj's (not a pretty site), no privacy, flashbulbs popping in my face, invitations to the a-list parties....

In my dreams and in the stunted reality of Sarah Meyer. But just in case, I've sprinkled pig blood all around the perimeter of my home and am carrying a football with me everywhere I go.

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