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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conyers' Hires Private Lawyers to Investigate Bush - Guess Who They Donate To?

John "Impeach Bush" Conyers has signed a contract for outside lawyers to help investigate the fake scandal with the Attorney Generals. From the Washington Times...

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat, has drawn up a contract with Washington law firm Arnold & Porter for help in his investigation of the firing of eight federal prosecutors last year, according to an unsigned copy of the contract obtained by The Washington Times.
The contract specifies that Arnold & Porter will subcontract with another firm, Deloitte & Touche, to "assist Democratic members of the Committee on the Judiciary with issues related to the termination of U.S. attorneys by the Bush administration, possible misrepresentations to Congress, interfering with investigations and matter related thereto."

According to the article, Irvin B. Nathan is the primary attorney. Thanks to the Internet, we can search Mr. Nathan's political contributions. Here are three of the candidates that Mr. Nathan contributed directly to...

2006 - Friends of Hillary Clinton - $1000
2004 - John Kerry for President - $2000
2003 - Wesley Clark for President - $1000

The bulk of Mr. Nathan's personal contributions were to his law firm's PAC - Arnold & Porter

For the 2006 election cycle Arnold & Porter PAC's contributions were spread across the political spectrum with the bulk of the $$ going to the Left...

2006 Democratic Senator Campaigns - $44,879
2006 Republican Senator Campaigns - $18,500

2006 Democratic House Campaigns - $55,000
2006 Republican House Campaigns - $26,500

Another attorney that will be working for Conyers' Hit Squad is Michael Zeldin. While less generous with the greenbacks, Mr. Zeldin's personal political contributions were solely to the Left.

1992 - Bill Clinton - $250
1995 - Clinton/Gore - $500
2001 - John Kerry Senate Campaign - $750
2004 - John Kerry for President - $500
2005 - Ted "Splash" Kennedy - $500

I guess when you're heading out on a partisan witchhunt, it helps to have some partisan contributors pulling the legal strings.

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