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Thursday, May 24, 2007

What A Maroon! Another Stupid Criminal Story

This is a true story from right here in Savannah. It has a bit of everything - an elderly woman who was victimized by a thug, a soldier just home from Iraq and a completely ignorant criminal. The outcome to this story had me ROFLMFAO last night...

The 82-year-old will never forget the day last August when a man stole her purse. It was lunchtime, she was walking out of a senior center next to Windsor Forest Elementary School.
"I said what do you want. He said I want your money and he held his hands over his face and I automatically said, oh no!" The victim in that case is Peggy Coe. "I was absolutely scared to death!" she said.

Seven months went by. She had all but given up hope. "I just gave it up." Then out of the blue she got a phone call that changed everything. A soldier just back from Iraq was on the phone. He told Coe he found her purse. The soldier found Coe's purse in a wooded lot, next to his house. He said he just stumbled upon it. The lot is lot is less than a mile from Coe's house.

Coe said, "I was surprised when the young man called because I never expected to see it again." She not only got her purse back but when she got home and looked inside she found two pieces of mail, addressed to the key suspect--Albert Lawyer, III.

Now Lawyer is in jail, awaiting trial for all five purse snatching cases. "

I'm still laughing... He left his mail in the stolen purse before tossing it aside. He must be a product of public school education here in GA.

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