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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'M BACK.... And Lookie What I Found

Well that self-imposed blogging exile didn't last long. I am rested and relaxed and back with a vengeance. I turned off talk radio for 3 days and we took a trip through the mountains. Nothing like fresh mountain air to clear out the cobwebs and help regain your focus.

So while I was out the immigration bill died again. Good - now maybe some will start listening to a few facts about the groups that led them around like puppies on a leash. I have found mounds of info that will turn your hair white and make you think twice about some of the leaders in the "conservative movement". Believe me - I'll never look at these people the same way again.

While I try to gather my research and facts into some semblance of order, here's a few teasers for you... And you won't read about this in National Review or The American Conservative...

Can you imagine conservatives hopping in bed with organizations that tout abortion as a means to population control?

Forget the bitching about working with Splash Kennedy - how about working with donors to Hillary, Howard Dean, Emilys List, Jim Webb and Al Gore?

Don't like being labeled a "racist" - then maybe hanging out with members of Stormfront and other "whites only" orgs isn't a good thing to do.

Do you want to contribute to groups that are spinoffs from the Sierra Club and other extreme environmentalists?

Over the next week or so I'll explain all of the above - with tons of FACTS including IRS 990 forms, FEC filings and so much more. The truth hurts and I plan on hitting back with a baseball bat loaded with truth. Talk about hypocrisy along the astroturf trail... This is gonna leave a mark.

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