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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Need for Some Head Clearing

Yesterday was a sad day for me. I realized that so many of my fellow conservatives and Republicans are so entrenched in "no amnesty" that all sense of rationality and reason have flown out the window. I completely understand the negative feelings and agree that our voices should be heard but good Lord do we have to resort to KOS tactics. The statements over at FreeRepublic have completely gone overboard. I had to check to be sure I had not inadvertently logged on to Democratic Underground. There is no excuse for all the calls for impeachment, calling the President "Jorge" and a traitor, etc ad nauseum.

I have stopped listening to talk radio. I realized after I screamed at the radio when Sean Hannity went off on an immigration rant that it was time to make a change. Sadly, I bought tickets (the minute they went on sale) for the Freedom Concert in Atlanta. Excellent seats - almost front row. But my head and my heart just can't take sitting in an arena listening to anti-immigration rants from the "guests". I gave my tickets to my Dad for his birthday because I just don't have any desire to go. Those of you that know me know what a big decision that was and how seriously this whole thing has affected me.

I never thought that I would watch my fellow conservatives fall into the trap of an organization that is the right-wing version of MoveOn - namely NumbersUSA and its cohorts. I truly believe that most do not know the backgrounds of the founders and funders of these organizations when they post the talking points as Gospel. It was truly stunning to hear people beat up on Linda Chavez for using the "bigot" label when Chavez used to be heavily involved with these organizations but resigned because of the directions the groups were heading. If anyone should know about the mission and goals of the organizations, it is Linda Chavez.

Maybe I'm over-reacting to these groups under the John Tanton umbrella - believe me I'll be doing some research and reading to try to get a clearer picture. But I always trust my gut instinct and my gut tells me something is "hinky" with these groups.

Anyway - this Chickenhawk is going to take a break for a while. Clear my head and see what happens. I'll continue to follow the Haditha cases and post when something really strikes me but that's about it. Since I'm a peon in the world of blogging I am not going to wax poetically about people missing my voice but this is a sad time for me. I just wish people would take a step back, do some deep breathing and THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

So this is Chickenhawk Express signing off for a bit...

God Bless our Soldiers, our President and our Country.

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