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Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess Who Is Spewing Democratic Talking Points Now?

I'm going to list a few statements and I want you to guess who said them...

"A day will come that the current U.S. president and officials will be tried in an international supreme court for the catastrophes they caused in Iraq,"

Cindy Sheehan? Nope. Code Pinko? Nope. I'll tell you in a minute.

"Americans will have to answer for why they don't end occupation of Iraq and why waves of terrorism and insurgency have overwhelmed the country,"

IVAW? Nope. ANSWER? Nope. Sen Obama? Nope. Rep. Lantos? Nope. Keep reading for the answer.

"More than four years have passed since the occupation of Iraq and today everyone knows that America has failed and is frantically looking for a way out,"

Sen. Harry Reid? Nope. Sen Hillary Clinton? Nope. John Murtha? Nope

Each one of the statements above came out of the mouth of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to the AP, Kahmenei also thinks President Bush should receive the same punishment as Saddam Hussein. He also goes on to make the obligatory Hitler comparison and mock the Petraeus hearings.

Nice job Dems. First you got Osama repeating back your talking points. Now the Supreme Leader in Iran. Forget about questioning your patriotism - I'm thinking we need to talk about your treason. What a disgrace.

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