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Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Thoughts on the Petraeus - Crocker Report

Stuck at home with a GI bug but the good news is I got to watch General Petraeus and Amb Crocker's report to Congress today. I'm not going to go into detail because there are several bloggers live-blogging it. But I do have some observations...

It was obvious from the opening of the hearings that the Dems were completely close-minded about the reports -even before they had the printed statements.

Rep Lantos reminds me of Count Dracula and his accent only reinforces that perception.

Rep Duncan Hunter takes MoveOn to task about the ridiculous ad in the NYT. I've yet to hear one Dem denounce the ad.

General Petraeus is a solid leader with the patience of a saint. Anyone that can sit there with a straight face and respond to some of the most ignorant questions I've ever heard gets two thumbs up from me. I do wish he would just let loose just once though...

Interesting to hear some of the stats from the General and the Ambassador. Why hasn't the media reported any of these positive stats? Never mind...

Eli Pariser called on critics to refute the "facts" in his ad. Gen'l Petraeus did that today with so much more class and without a dime of Soros tainted $$.

Is it possible to have more ignorant people in Congress? Some of the questions are just plain stupid - "How come Iraq is taking so long to build an army cause they were really good when they fought Iran or did the US fight that war for Iraq by proxy?" Dear Lord - get a clue.

Thank goodnes the Code Pink tranny decided to sit this one out. I couldn't take 6+ hours watching the fake wo-man making gestures at the camera like during the Plame testimony.

Got to see Adam Kokesh escorted out of the hearing. Saw smarmy Ann Wright sitting their with a cheshire cat grin on her face. Was really hoping she would cause a ruckus cause I would love to see her tossed out like the other garbage.

Why do the police officers let the Pinkos in with their costumes on? Isn't that a sign of impending disruption?

By far though, THIS was the funniest moment of the day. Dontcha love how she starts screaming "I'm 60 years old" while Gael Murphy takes pics with her cellphone...

Hat tip to Wake Up Americans for the link to the video!

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