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Monday, September 24, 2007

They Support Our Troops?

We all know just how vile and nasty some of the posters at Democratic Underground can be especially when it comes to the US Military. But some of the responses to the death of Sgt. Eddie Jeffers made me physically ill. There were several posts expressing true sympathy for the Jeffers family and the Sgt. but the overbearing nastiness of the following posts completely eclipsed the sympathetic ones.

What really fired up the venom was the misconception that the parents of Sgt. Eddie Jeffers are members of FreeRepublic. THAT made the grieving parents targets of the vitriol.

Another Soldier Known for Writings On War Dies in Iraq (Freeper's Son)
Tempest: If past "unspecified accidents" are any indication He most likely committed suicide.
let’s stand and fight! Isn’t that what America is about anyway?”
He would have made a good storm trooper.

IanDB1: My thoughts are with the dead soldier. I have no sympathy for his freeper family that put him there.
The soldier kid did what all the chickenhawks wouldn't. His sacrifice is noble. Wasted and pointless, but noble. His parents' sacrifice is deserved.Maybe NOW they will learn.
Every Freeper deserves a GOLD STAR.
When they stand beside Gold Star Moms for Peace.... THEN they will have my sympathy.
His Freeper parents killed him just as surely as anyone else did.

Rageneau: He says: "I've made compromises with my humanity."
But then, he's a Freeper, so that's to be expected.
To my mind, it is more odious to compromise one's country or one's own family than to compromise one's humanity.
I feel sorry for anyone who has to admit that about himself.
Which is just another of the million reasons I hate this war.

IanDB1: Maybe they Tilmanned him just to avoid suspicion of assassinating the others? n/t

cyr330: wow
I guess his days of writing pro-war pieces are behind him. . . .permanently.

(in response to a post wondering what Sgt. Jeffers' last thoughts were...)
mitchum: That he died for nothing? n/t

Each one of these commenters has 1000+ posts so forget about claiming trolls did it.

To those that expressed sympathy to the Jeffers family and thanked Sgt. Jeffers for his service, you deserve so much better than having your kind words trumped by such evil.

But don't forget - those highlighted above support the troops...

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