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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artist Fasts to Honor the Memory of the Haditha Victims While Slamming the Military

A truly misguided gesture by one of the anti-war, peaceniks has flown under the radar in the mainstream. An artist who spends his time creating art devoted to exposing the "atrocities" committed by US Soldiers in Iraq is currently on a water only fast in honor of the memory of the victims at Haditha. The fast is part of his "multi-media installation" titled "One Morning in Haditha". It follows his previous artistic slam against the military in Fallujah.

The enlightened one, Russ Smith, is keeping a diary of his fast. Reading it makes participation in the fast easier because his moral superiority and rank distortions makes one want to vomit. Russ Smith describes the "flashy" website of Sgt. Frank Wuterich and mocks the words written by the parents of the Marine.

"And there is a heartfelt statement from Wuterich's parents that includes this line: "He is a Marine who was doing the job he was trained to do". I let those words wash over me for awhile, and there is a bit of simple truth to them. Marines, after all, are trained to kill people."

Not content to mock Sgt. Wuterich, Smith turns the Soldiers' Creed into an excuse for soldier to drop their weapons and stop slaughtering innocent Iraqis.

"If they are to truly follow the Soldier's Creed, they must throw down their weapons in the sand and tell their masters that the people of the United States, whom they are duty-bound to serve, no longer wish for them to slaughter any more innocent Iraqis."

Typical of the Leftists attempting to denigrate the service of the US Military, Smith's diary includes so many blatant falsehoods and outright lies...

"In the wake of the killings, some Marines took dozens of photographs of the slaughtered civilians. They traded the images, emailed them to one another, uploaded them to personal websites, in one instance even set some pictures to music."

"Of course to the extent that evidence is lacking, this is due in no small part to the fact that the killings were not comprehensively investigated by the military when they first occurred.... The inexcusable delay on the part of our government in launching a thorough inquiry obviously impacted the availability of forensic evidence."

Smith laments that there are no virtual shrines to the Haditha victims on the Internet but a plethora of sites supporting the Marines.

"Not surprisingly, though, an Internet search will not turn up an image of Mohmed Tabal Ahmed. On the other hand, if one Googles the names of any of the four Marines initially charged with murder in connection with the Haditha massacre, one is inundated with phographs , lengthy and laudatory personal histories, statements of support for "our brave soldiers" and websites extolling the virtues of these wrongfully-accused American fighting men."

After reading the diary entries, I started thinking of what I could do to counter this absurd attempt to slander, not just the Marines, but the US Military in general. I thought about all that we enjoy thanks to the sacrifices of our Military. Ironically, the freedom this "artist" enjoys to create and display work denigrating the Military is because of the very same Military.

So here is my "counter" to the fast in memory of the Haditha victims - I vow to spend some time each day enjoying the life, liberty and happiness given to us by the sacrifices of our Military. Each day will be dedicated to one of the Haditha Marines and will include at least one instance of pure unadulterated joy. What better way to show our Military that their sacrifices have not been in vain than to enjoy living in the USA? I'll still send my care packages and my donations but this will be a special dedication to each of the Haditha Marines. Tune in tomorrow for my first diary entry - In Celebration of the Honor and Sacrifice of the Haditha Marines.

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