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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Needs to Loosen the TinFoil

We need to find out who is leaking our master plans to the tinfoiled hat brigade. Cindy Sheehan has exposed our latest plot to make President Bush the US Emperor for Life.

The order of events in the conversations I have heard or read go something like this: BushCo and Congress, Inc. are ramping up the rhetoric for an attack on Iran (true). In their little minds and black hearts they still assume that most of us are still stupid and we will believe anything they ever say again (true). Yet, they have told us that Iran and Ahmadinejad have done just about everything except try to assassinate George’s Pop (still true). So, if you believes that 9-11 was a “false flag” op, then you say that BushCo will engineer ANOTHER false flag op, blame Iran, declare martial law, (George can do that unilaterally now because of Presidential Directive 51) and attack Iran, possibly using “strategic” nuclear strikes on “military” targets. Then of course, when our Homeland is in such a terrible state of emergency, it would be an awful idea to “change horses in the middle of the stream,” you know, so we must suspend elections, thereby staging yet BushCo’s third coup in a row, the first two being the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004.

And that's not all - Sheehan has uncovered all of our evil tricks such as keeping AlGore from the Presidency in 2000, convincing Kerry to toss in the towel too early, running the mainstream media but making it look like it is anti-GOP, hacking the voting machines and so much more.

DAMN - how did she get this information? I knew that Rove was a loose cannon after leaving the confines of the Bush Cabal. I hope Darth Cheney has another evil plan up his sleeve since this one has been exposed. At least she forgot to mention the Hurricane Machine that we have hidden in the White House just waiting for another opportunity to unleash it on the masses.

Oops - I didn't mean to give away another secret. I hope that little slip doesn't jeopardize my good standing in Brownshirts R Us. I sure will miss all that money that I get in kickbacks from the Corporate warmongers and the company limo...

BTW - read the comments to the article. These are priceless...

My ex-wife told me that I was paranoid and scaring our children with such talk.
Don’t forget the detention camps being built ‘for future projects’. I’ll meet you there.

Do you hear that ringing?It’s the ring of truth.
Republicans are the Problem.
Democrats are not the Solution.
Revolution is the Solution!
Thanks Cindy! See you in the streets!

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