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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Hate America Round-Up For Today

I sat down at the computer today to do a little research but had to step away after reading the following articles. Is it a full moon or what? Rather than dissect each one individually, I'm lumping them all together in one post. A smorgasbord of hate - hate for America and hate for the Military. You might want to take an antiacid or a Xanax before you read any further...

Let's start out with the limp little Bill Maher. The smarmy host of HBO's Politically Incorrect (which should just be renamed "Chomsky Lovers Coffee Clatch") came to the defense of the flagless lapel of Barack Obama in his Salon piece - American Flag Pins Are for Idiots. No that is not a typo - that is the name of his little rant. Here's the first line from his little screed...

"Show me a man wearing an American flag pin in his lapel, and I'll show you an asshole."

A man who thinks it's funny to dress up like the late Steve Irwin for Halloween (complete with a stingray barb coming outta your chest) or who believes the 19 Hijackers on September 11 were the "brave ones" shouldn't be calling other people "assholes".

Next up - the disgusting Ted Rall. Rall who is usually known for his non-artistic anti-Military editorial cartoons decided to use words to beat up on the Military that has fought for his right to be a jackass. When I saw the title, Scapegoating Blackwater, I naively thought Rall was defending Blackwater against the Haditha-esque claims. How silly of me. I'll let Rall's words speak for themselves...

"But it isn't just Blackwater. Official US soldiers are no less stupid or vicious or trigger-happy than their private counterparts."

Why should I expect anything else from the man that called our soldiers "poorly paid contract killers".

Then we come to one of my "favorite groups" - Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Not content to accuse our Military of war crimes ala the Winter Soldiers, they've re-focused their mission. Liam Madden explains...

Clearly, the US military is the single most important entity to the US government's capacity to wage war and extend the occupation. We acknowledged that IVAW was in a unique position to remove the support of the military by utilizing three primary methods: organizing active duty resistance, truth in recruiting and counter-retention.

And how does the IVAW plan to circumvent "America's neo-imperilistic quest for world energy supplies and projection of military power into the Middle East"? One word - RESISTANCE. Not just GI resistance, though...

"Obviously, it will take more than the efforts of IVAW to end this war. The Iraqi resistance will certainly continue to play a role, as well as the civilian anti-war movement."

Support the troops equals Support Iraqi Resistance? Only in some warped Chomsky-brainwashed world.

Then we have this little gem of "wisdom" from IVAW member Fernando Braga - "Free the Jena 6, End Imperialism". First of all Mr. Braga needs to read the news a little more often - the Jena 6 have been freed. The Jena 1, Mychal Bell, is in jail for violating his probation for his FOUR previous juvenile convictions.

But Braga isn't finished displaying his absolute ignorance - How can we export democracy to Afghanistan when we commit systemic murder, torture, occupation and racism here on our soil? Braga also claims that "there's no reason to fight for freedom abroad when there's no freedom at home".

Geez Louise - how lame can you get? Doesn't this bloviating fool realize that just by writing his drivel, he is exercising the very freedom that he claims to not have? Mr. Intellectual closes with this little gem -

"We could do a whole lot more to consider Jena 6 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the same struggle against injustice. All are part of racist terror and to defeat imperialism and racism the oppressed have to stand united."

There's that "I" word again - imperialism. Whenever you see that word tossed about you know you are dealing with a bunch of Marxist lemmings who wear their "Che" shirts like a badge of honor.

And I am done for the day. I've gotta go take some Tylenol.

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