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Monday, October 15, 2007

A New Anti-War Strategery - Piss Off Turkey and We Can Get Outta Iraq

I am angry - no I am pissed off. What the HELL is Pelosi and Co trying to pull with this Armenian Genocide declaration?!? It's not like this is a pressing and urgent issue - we're talking almost 100 years! I agree with other bloggers that this is nothing more than another attempt to backdoor our Military. What other possible explanation could there be? Demonstrating America's values - bull malarkey. More like scrounging around trying to find any thing to sabotage our Military and the mission in Iraq. This is shameful, disgusting, despicable and any other words you can think of.

And don't think that the "ulterior motive" hasn't come to the attention of the DUmpsters. I borrowed my hubby's haz-mat suit and went wading through the stinky swamp known as DU to see what they had to say about this. News Flash - most are tickled Pinko...

"This is a possible courageous step to end the war. But you are acting like you don't have the sense to see it! I'm flabbergasted at your inability to see the possible win-win in this situation."

"I care. My DIL (daughter in law) is Armenian and I've heard all of the stories" [Chickenhawk sez - well your DIL must be an old crone if she's telling stories about a 100 year old event]

"She's doing it to give Turkey an opportunity to shut down the war in Iraq. And closing their airspace would have that effect, or at least make it much more difficult, and the judgment would be rendered by Middle Eastern people, not Democrats who would be blamed for 'losing the war'.

"This will also have the side-effect of making it difficult for us to murder any more Iraqis by cutting off a critical supply route."

"An elegant solution! This makes perfect sense."

"Cutting off the supply line may help get us out of Iraq. That would stop the killing."

"However, anything that makes things harder for the illegal occupation of Iraq, and exposes a huge injustice, well hell, I call that a twofer... You GO, Girl!"

Then there is this little gem of enlighted tinfoil hattedness...

"Wonder if Pelosi is worried about Sheehan and needs to rally the Armenian American vote for herself in '08?"

Never in my wildest dreams would I believe Americans would praise cutting off supply lines to our Military in the midst of war to score some political points. It's a sad pathetic group on the Left.

Over at This Ain't Hell, Jonn has a great post up about this whole disgusting underhanded attempt to end the war...

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