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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Clifton Hicks Saga Continues...

More bloggers are chiming in on the saga of Clifton Hicks. And their statements carry a helluva lot more weight than mine since they served their country in the Military and can speak from experience and not just research.

I posted yesterday about Thus Spake Ortner's debunking of Hick's claim. He took the time to actually listen to an audio of an interview Hicks gave and compared it to speeches and articles by Hicks. It reminds me something my mom used to tell me - "it takes more energy to lie than it does to tell the truth". When you lie you have to remember all the nuances and claims you've made or you contradict yourself repeatedly. On the other hand telling the truth is easy. Obviously Hicks never learned this lesson.

Over at The Foxhole, SFCMAC looks at Hicks' Conscientious Objector claim.

No one forced the little jackasses to enlist. They did it willingly. Apparently, they’re not smart enough to figure out that the U.S. sends the military where it’s needed, you don’t get to pick and choose assignments or conflicts, and the purpose of the Army is to fight and win the nation’s wars. I’ve always wondered why these morons volunteer for duty then piss about what they were sent to do.

Their sudden mealy-mouthed anti-war, anti-military epiphanies seemed to occur in conjunction with their disciplinary problems. Go figure.

As a vet, SFCMAC has earned the right to speak that little bit of "truth to power".

And last but not least, Jonn (who just returned from vacation) points out something so obvious that I am embarrassed to have missed (especially being a born and raised Savannahian)...

If Hicks remembered the 3ID coming home, he lived in Germany because that’s where the 3ID called home at the time. The 24th Infantry Division came home to Fort Stewart in 1991. Anyone living in Savannah, Georgia at the time would have known that. The people in Savannah loved their 24th Division - many of the members of that division were from Savannah. Hicks is lying.

The infamous Mr. Hicks left the following statement on my previous post and over at The Sniper...

I stand on my statements.
I challenge anyone in this world to produce a scout or a tanker who was in C Troop, 1-1 Cavalry in Baghdad in 2003 and 2004 who knows me and will look me in the eyes and say that I am lying.

Heh - standing on your statements must be an IVAW thing cause most people that are telling the truth stand BY their statements.

As far as ME producing people to prove Hicks is lying that's like proving Dan Rather's national guard memos are fake. I don't have to prove anything. When you make outrageous claims against the Military and fellow fighters, it is YOUR responsibility to back it up. YOU provide the records and people to back up YOUR statements. You made the claims - now prove them. It's put up or shut up time. Still want to play? I won't hold my breath...

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