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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cop Killer Gets ANOTHER Day In Court - Quick Update and Again

UPDATE: The hearing is over according to WTOC TV news. The decision can come as early as January but probably not until the SPRING! The wheels of injustice sure do grind slowly...
Troy Anthony Davis, the convicted cop killer from Savannah GA, is getting ANOTHER day in court today - this time it's the GA Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the family of Mark McPhail has spent 18 years without their loved one.

From WTOC TV News...
The Georgia Supreme Court hearing for Troy Anthony Davis is underway. Davis' defense is trying to get him a new trial following his 1991 conviction for the murder of Mark MacPhail, a Savannah police officer.
As of 10am, the hearing was underway. District attorney Spencer Lawton and chief assistant DA David Lock represent the prosecution, Jason Ewart the defense. Each side will get 20 minutes to argue before the justices.
Two of the seven justices are not present.

Well isn't that special - two of the seven justices are out today. It's not like this hasn't been on the docket for 6 months...

The background of the case is just too convoluted to repeat in this quick post but I covered it extensively in previous posts when the Board of Pardons and Paroles usurped the legal decision of a jury of Davis' peers.

Read More Here... Will update as time allows...
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