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Sunday, November 11, 2007

IVAW Members at Fort Drum Got Some 'Splaining To Do

Oh the tragedy.... those two active duty Ft. Drum soldiers, Eli Wright and Phil Aliff, who spilled their guts to Dahr "liar" Jamail about "search and avoid" missions got called to the principal's office and are now crying about it...

Update November 3, 2007 The Army has begun a very official "unofficial" investigation of out-spokenIraq veteran Eli Wright, an active duty soldier at Fort Drum, New York. Apparently the story below prompted right-wing bloggers to press the military to take action against Eli for either the actions described, or simply talking about them. The military might take action to keep "search and avoid" missions from again becoming an "open secret" as during the Vietnam War. We'll keep you posted on developments, including possible action alerts if needed.

Point of clarification - the "right-wing bloggers" (ahem - ME) asked Fort Drum for verification of the claims made by these two guys. I mean if you're gonna make claims about the members of the Military shirking their duties, you should be ready to back up your big talk. Is it too much to ask for validation about such claims? I don't think so and neither should you.

Frankly I'm tired of the IVAW winter soldier wannabees getting a free pass in the media because everyone is afraid to ask them tough questions. They go on and on about all the war crimes and atrocities and because they wrap the stories in the mantle of service in Iraq we're just supposed to swallow them without question? It's time to hold these people accountable for their statements. If they truly saw atrocities and acts against the code of conduct, then they need to stand up and speak out -WITH the facts to back up their claims. One commenter on an earlier thread implied that no one spoke out while in Iraq because they were afraid that fellow soldiers would do them harm. What a crock of unmitigated crap! And without a doubt the most lame excuse I've heard since my kids were little.

Now these two little crybabies are getting backing from the "great" Todd Ensign at Citizen Soldier - you know the group that claims the only true heroes are the soldiers that resist their service. Todd is whining that these boys' first amendment rights were violated... Well boo-freakin-hoo. You wanna talk the talk - you gotta walk the walk. My hope is that Todd is kept very busy over the next few months defending IVAW members who get called on to prove their claims. AND he's copied his letter to the NY ACLU. We're shakin' in our sneakers here....

This ain't no swift-boating. This ain't an attempt to silence the voices of the soldiers. This is simply an attempt to get the TRUTH out in the open. Isn't truth the first casualty in war? So let's talk - let's have a dialogue about your claims. Throw your cards on the table and let's have at 'em. If that makes you pee-pee in your pants, then so be it. You are so quick to make claims and hold them out as truths, why the problem with backing them up?

If they don't like the questioning about their claims of search and avoid, they better hold on to their butts...


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