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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Updated! URGENT -Does Anyone Know These Creeps? - URGENT


I took up Denis' challenge to be the first to find the IVAW video in the post below on one of the jihadi websites and ended up with another urgent project...

Below are screenshots from a video posted on Islam Online and linked through This video is 3 minutes of a disgusting piece of human excrement claiming to have comitted atrocities, including rape, at Abu Ghraib. The face of the rapist is shadowed throughout but one of his buddies joking it up with him is visible. There is no link to any other Internet source for the video.

We need to find out who these guys are and find out if this is another Jesse MacBeth. If he is truly a member of the military, he needs to be turned over to the authorities. Spread the word and let's nail these a-holes...

Here's a link to the video but a word of warning... It is vile and full of vulgar language so make sure little ears are not in hearing range when you click to start the video...

U.S.A soldier tells how he brutally Raped A innocent Muslim girl in Abu Ghraib!

UPDATE 1: 1/26/08 1550
Thanks to Cao's digging, we now know that the video is posted over at YouTube. You can see it here. The video was posted on Nov 5, 2007 but albasrah posted the video link on 1/24/07.

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