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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Soldier II - Some Will Admit to Committing War Crimes

Despite all their blathering about not pointing fingers at soldiers and not inflaming anti-troop sentiment, we all know that will not be the case at IVAW's Winter Soldier II. Here's a video discussing some of the testimony we can expect...

Since the testimony will be saved for posterity (and for further anti-military propaganda purposes) those that admit to committing war crimes better have some good legal advice readily available. And anti-American lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild will only reinforce the ties to Marxism, etc.

The myths espoused at Winter Soldier 1 benefitted from the lack of media coverage. That will not be the case at WSII - the Internet that IVAW has used to spread their propaganda will most certainly be used to counter any claims made and to chip away at the speck of credibility some of these "testifiers" have left. Internet postings live forever no matter how much scrubbing is done. I can guarantee that much of the testimony will be contradicted by prior statements, speeches, etc.

I'm actually looking forward to hearing their testimony in front of the cameras...

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