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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aunt Betsy's Dash

We said goodbye to my Aunt Betsy yesterday. She was 70 years young and had fought heroically for 2 years against colon cancer. She was my Dad's only sister and my only blood-relative Aunt. At the service, her granddaughter, Kira, read a poem called "The Dash". It was so fitting for Aunt Betsy that it could have been written specifically for her. Here is a You Tube video made for the poem...

My heart aches just thinking about not having Aunt Betsy around to cheer me up or give me a hug. Her laughter will remain in my heart forever, as will her smile and blue eyes. I know she is in a better place and free of pain. She is probably helping my Grandma ("Nonnie") and Great Aunt Emily get Heaven in order for all of us.

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