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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Message From Member of IVAW

Since I've blocked him from making comments, Sgt. de Wald decided to email this directly to me. I figured it would make nice reading for everyone.

Dear Chickenhawk,
My ass isn't sorry: it's 240 pounds of solid muscle fortified by 10 years in the Army and 12 years of boxing. I'd love to see you take action against it. You can find me everyday at the Ace Boxing Club at 10th and Lincoln in Milwaukee, WI. We can execute this "action-taking" in the ring. Or did you mean action in an awesome internet court? OK, I'll notify Judge LOLocaust and you can sew the costumes. Make sure you assemble a jury from the tens of fucking retards that read your blog. Then you will be marked FAIL and mocked throughout the internet's every crevice for eternity.

I don't believe in hell, so I think you'll be kissing my ass much sooner than its mythological freezing. In fact, if I ever catch you "counter-protesting" at an IVAW event you'll be made to kiss my bare ass in front of the world, where it will be captured on video and played in an endless loop on YouTube.

You're hysterical. "I'll be taking action." Only a fucking idiot would say something like regarding an internet quarrel. Shit, only a fucking pussy would say it at all.

Love ya,
Sergeant de Wald

My my - such big talk. Musta touched a nerve. Only a jerk would threaten a woman in this way. But then again, what else should we expect? If anyone is interested you can read this "gentleman's" profile at IVAW here. I look forward to hearing about the atrocities he has witnessed.

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