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Monday, April 28, 2008

Get Over It Rev Wright...

Rev Wright is hard to take when you are feeling 100% but his schtick is gratingly obnoxious when you are battling walking pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection.

I woke up long enough to watch the live telecast of his National Press Club speech this AM. What a crock of racist bilge it was... yea I said racist. Proclaiming black Christians as better than white Christians because of slavery. It was slavery - it was disgusting and vile - it has been over since before our lifetime - Get Over It. You were not a slave and I was not a slave owner. There are no reparations or apologies due. Believe me Jesse and Rev Al have played that card for years and it gets you no where.

And as far as Rev Wright's leftoid talking points - they don't go down any easier when coupled with racist language. His obnoxious behavior to the moderator or whoever that was reading the questions reminded me on the biggest bore of all - Al Gore. Shame on him for chastising the lady reading the questions... his condescending behavior was an embarrassment. At least he didn't do his dry-humping routine to the podium today.

I don't know if Wright can hurt Obama's campaign any more at this point. BUT I do know that Rev Wright demonstrated why there is still a racial divide in this country. His speech hurt race relations more than anything else and just drove a deeper wedge between the races in this country.

So that's my 2cents worth - my final analysis - Rev Wright is a racist arse who has about 12 minutes left of his original 15.

BTW - could anyone else hear echoes of Michelle Obama in Rev Wright's words? And Nation of Islam serving as security - can anyone say "liar liar"?

UPDATE: Jonn from This Ain't Hell was there to film the small but dedicated FReep of Wright's speech. Check out this video - if you can tolerate the screeching banshee proclaiming "long live Palestine"... yeah that speech inspired a lot of "coming together"... You'll have to read Dr. Raoul's comments over at Jonn's place to get that "inside" joke....

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