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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get The Syringes Ready...

OK I know this sounds evil but I literally cheered when the announcement came that the Supreme Court upheld execution by lethal injection...

In a widely splintered decision, the Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for death-row executions to resume across the country, concluding that the most common method of lethal injection does not violate the Constitution. The final vote was 7-2 in Baze v. Rees (07-5439), although there was no opinion that spoke for five or more Justices. The Court’s plurality adopted as a standard for assessing the validity of an execution method whether it poses a "substantial risk of serious harm." It rejected the death row inmate’s proposal that the standard be "unnecessary risk."

The entire argument was ridiculous... "substantial risk of serious harm"? Dude - it's an execution. "Cruel and Unusual Punishment"? It's punishment for a cruel and inhuman act of murder.

Here's hoping GA lifts its self-imposed ban on lethal injections quickly. That means we'll be that much closer to Troy Anthony Davis getting a taste of the justice he delivered 18 years ago.

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