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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Tale of Two Veterans' Groups

Jonn from This Ain't Hell is Superman! He and his camera are everywhere! Today he attended the Vets for Freedom Rally at the Capital and captured the incredible images for us all to see. The entire post is a must read as are all his videos and pics.

But the pictures got me to thinking in terms of comparison. So many times we have been subjected to the images cherry-picked by the media of blood painted hands, pinkos in pink and upside down flags that the pics just end up being "same-same". You see one picture of a protester with a F&*# Bush sign, you see a dozen. We end up being jaded and thinking that's how all protesters/ralliers look. Jonn's pictures prove that there is an opposite end of the spectrum.

Case in point.... (just so people don't get their drawers in a wad - the IVAW pics are not from the same rally but they are indicative of the rallies and the attendees)

Vets for Freedom Speakers on the Stage

IVAW members getting ready to speak at one of their rallies.

Real War Heroes that don't need to wear their medals to proclaim their valor at the Vets for Freedom Rally

Compared to vets who wear a bunch of medals that they may or may not have won on a defaced uniform top.

Presidential candidate speaking at VFF Rally today.

Former two-time Presidential wannabe speaking at IVAW sponsored event.

Former POW who waves his hat at the VFF rally

Former Marine who waves the American Flag upside down at IVAW rallies

Members of Vets for Freedom interacting with the media and other attendees.

IVAW member "interacting" with a DC police officer.

Honored guests and luminaries in attendence at Vets for Freedom Rally

Celebrities at an anti-war rally (Note Susan Sarandon wearing an IVAW placard)

It brings to mind the old adage - "If you want respect you have to act respectful"...

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