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Sunday, April 06, 2008

What To Know the Truth From Iraq?

Michael Yon, who has done more on the ground reporting in Iraq than Dahr Jamail could fantasize about, has a book that is available for pre-order.

As my good friend Jonn wrote over at This Ain't Hell...
When you buy this book, not only are you getting an inscribed book, you’re helping to keep Yon on the job and helping to insure we’ll continue to get the truth about the miracle workers we’ve sent into Iraq.

I ordered my copy tonight as an early birthday present to myself.

And because I am in a masochistic mode due to the upcoming birthday, I popped over to Amazon and ordered the book from the Biggest Liar Ever. Jamail's fiction will serve two purposes - a tool to fire up my anger at the lies and distortions from the tool of the insurgents AND as a TP substitute when we go to the Hunting Retriever Grand Nationals this Spring.

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