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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Hijinks on the Hill

There are times when I have to check my calendar to be sure we haven't gone back in time to the Vietnam War Era. SIGH... here we go again...

Washington, DC – On May 15, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will testify under oath before Congress about their eyewitness accounts of the military occupation of Iraq. Testifiers will include veterans who served during the surge.

This testimony represents a shift from reports to Congress from high-level commanders and political appointees to direct accounts from boots-on-the-ground soldiers and Marines about the situation in Iraq. Testifiers will detail the ineffectiveness of the "troop surge," the dehumanization, abuse and killing of innocent Iraqi civilians, and the breakdown of the military as a result of the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

Testifiers will include Luis Montalvan, who served two tours in Iraq as an Army Captain; Jason Washburn, a US Marine Corps Infantry Rifleman who served three tours in Iraq; and Kristofer Goldsmith, who served in the Army as an Artillery Forward Observer in Sadr City, Iraq.

"The time has come for Congress to hear about the occupation from the soldiers and Marines who have seen it first-hand. Petraeus continues to repeat the administration's talking points while ignoring what the soldiers on the ground know: the Iraq occupation is not working," said Kelly Dougherty, a former Military Police Sergeant in Iraq and Executive Director of IVAW.

Three IVAW members will contradict General David Petraeus? Oh now that is rich... Since this is only going to be in front of the Progressive Caucus (aka the Socialists in Congress), it will hold about as much credibility as John Conyers' impeachment hearings.

But if they want to read the TRUTH about the surge, I recommend Michael Yon's "Moment of Truth in Iraq". Since he was actually in Iraq and offers eyewitness accounts - including REAL names and dates - I think he would be a great counter-testifier.

Instead we'll get the opinions of a fella who was discharged from the military for malingering and now delivers pizza. For more details on this gem, check out TSO's post over at The Sniper.

Good news - sounds like TSO and Jonn from This Ain't Hell - our brave souls who sat through WSII - will be attending the "hearing". I can't wait to read their reports!

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