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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take This Job and Shove It

I DID IT! I finally had my fill of the backstabbing evil at my office and the toll it has taken on me physically and mentally and told them to stick the job where the sun don't shine! Well not in so many words but that's how it sounded in my head...

I resigned my full-time Clinical Manager position with the home health company that I have given 6 hard years to. I have worked in home health for 14 years and this was without a doubt the worst 6 months I have ever experienced at a job. I have watched good hard working dedicated people chewed up and crapped on because they were not in the special "clique". I have watched strong women who have spent years growing this company be told "sorry - the new company doesn't have a spot for you - but thanks for your work - here's your pitiful severence pay." And dare I say a whiff of racism involved in the decision in who stays and who goes or who gets worked until they cannot no longer function....

I have worked two positions for the price of one for 6 months for the last time. I have worked nights and weekends just to try to keep the company afloat during the transition to the new owners. Come next Friday, I will be the one calling the shots. I will tell them when I'm available to work and be the master of my own destiny. I will work as much or as little as I want while enjoying the freedom from the "salaried" yoke. I will be back out in the field taking care of patients in their home and doing the thing that I love best - taking care of patients.

And karma we know can be such a bitch... all those that stomped on co-workers to get the plum assignments - you know what will be waiting for you down the road. I would say shame on those that did this but they have no shame. It won't take long for the new owners to see the big picture now that the transitional honeymoon is over. And guess who will take the fall... those that ran off all the "help" with their delusions of grandeur. And when this fall comes, there will be several of us sitting on the sidelines eating our popcorn and laughing our asses off at the show.

Best of all - I can get back to my other job - writing and blogging. For the first time since Christmas I feel energized and ready to roll. Countdown to the big day - 6 DAYS!

In the meantime - check out Jonn's reporting on the "fake" Congressional testimony by IVAW's winter soldiers. And by fake I mean not under oath and in front of only members of the Socialist Progressive Caucus (aka members of the Out of Iraq Coalition).

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