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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why I Am Scared of an Obama Presidency...

I saw this on Cavuto this afternoon and almost fell out of my chair. First up is Rep Maurice Hinchey touting his plan to nationalize the oil refineries - basically do a Hugo Chavez on our refineries. As if more government control is what this country needs... Second up is a Obamatron speaking truth to power ala Chavez - more government control, the oil industry should never have been privatized, etc. Pay close attention to her comments about healthcare and the news media at the end. I don't think she was joking...


Folks this is what an Obama Presidency will bring us. This is nothing more than out and out socialism. The Progressive Caucus (actually a cover for the Socialists in the House) thinks they have a green light to push forward on the Socialist conversion of our country now that a Marxist has received the presumptive nomination to the Presidential race. Look for so much more of this and watch the obama-droid koolaid drinkers swoon under their spell.

Cavuto said it best at the end of his program - The Dems have found a President they can get behind and his name is Hugo Chavez.

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