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Saturday, July 19, 2008

But... But... Dahr Jamail Said Fallujah is Still A Quagmire

Who ya gonna believe? A known liar who has demonstrated nothing but complicity with those that want to kill US Military or your own eyes?

Here's Dahr Jamail's latest on Fallujah...

Assassinations never stopped in Fallujah, but the media seems unwilling to cover the actual situation here," a human rights activist in Fallujah, speaking on terms of anonymity given the tense situation, told IPS. "The two bomb blasts that killed six policemen earlier this month and another two that killed three on the weekend seem to have terminated the silence."

People in Fallujah say they still suffer despite the relative improvement in the security situation. 'Relative' is the key word here, because the improvement is measured against two massive U.S. military operations in 2004 that killed thousands in the city, and displaced hundreds of thousands.

Hmmm... I did see some legs and breasts laying around in this video over at Gateway Pundit...

Dahr Jamail's little terrorist reporter in Fallujah needs to get out more...

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