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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama Defends Kos Kidz As "Just Commentators"

Tonight's O'Reilly - Obama interview was the most interesting so far. O'Reilly pounded The One hard on his "questionable" ties to Ayers, Wright, etc. Obama could not come up with a cogent response. Instead he starts blasting Fox News and Sean Hannity (again). More importantly The One actually compares Fox News to Daily Kos and defends the kidz as simply "commenters"... I guess he don't want to bite the hand that feeds him.

Notice also Obama's statement about Bill Ayers - "I haven't seen him in a year and a half." Oh Really? That would mean you've seen him since you started your presidential run. But I thought you were just passing acquaintances from years ago... Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit for the video...

Remember this little tidbit from Stanley Kurtz' article a few weeks ago...

"Michelle Obama organized a University of Chicago panel about Bill Ayers's crime book in November 1997, just as the battle over the juvenile justice bill was heating up. That panel featured appearances by some of the key figures discussed in Ayers's book, along with Obama himself, who was identified in the press release as "working to block proposed legislation that would throw more juvenile offenders into the adult system." In effect, then, this public event was a joint Obama-Ayers effort to sink the juvenile justice bill-Obama's decision to plug Ayers's book in the Chicago Tribune the following month was part of the same political effort."

The One tips his hand though with how he keeps his hands clean from all the dirty politics... "I expect to be held accountable for the things that I say and do." That's why he has his little sheeple at Kos and elsewhere do his dirty work for him. It's called "Plausible Deniability".

Obama tries the same old "my story is your story" line... Well I didn't live in Indonesia and go to school with the name Barry Soetero with Muslim on my school registration. I don't believe in socialism, communism or black liberation theology. I don't live in a multi-million dollar mansion while claiming to be just an ordinary guy. I could go on but my head is about to explode from the utter and pure madness...

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